The Team

Abu Saquib Tauheed
Co-Founder & CEO

Mechanical Engineer, BioDesign Expert, Author, Regulatory Expert | 10+ years across Medical Devices & Technology | Stryker, JSW, Coeo Labs, InnAccel Technologies, The Lemelson Foundation.

Ravi Jangir
Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer

Product Designer, Engineer, Author, Ergonomics Expert | 7+ years with The Lemelson Foundation, InnAccel
Technologies, The Design Village, DSK International School of Design, PES University

Dr Rohan D’Souza
Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Clinical Medicine, Research, Medtech, InsurTech, Pharma | Pfizer, St John’s Medical College, The Lemelson Foundation, Fedo.AI, InnAccel Technologies. | Website:


Dr Jagdish Chaturvedi