Our Vision | Our Story

The Vision: To improve access to health technologies & health information and in-turn equip healthcare providers and innovators to improve health outcomes in India.

Our Story: The Medtive team is a multidisciplinary team of Clinicians, Designers and Engineers that came together at the Affordable Inventions in MedTech Research Fellowship funded by the Lemelson Foundation and conducted by InnAccel Technologies, Bangalore. This was a 24-month research project dissecting healthcare delivery across nine states, 40+ health centres (primary, secondary & tertiary). The unmet needs identified were filtered based on epidemiology, criticality, technical complexity, regulatory complexity, accessible patient pool, buyer environment and competitor analysis. The comprehensive database boasts over 150 compelling unmet MedTech needs in India of which the top 40 were prioritized to create detailed need specification documents. Building this database, only made us all the more passionate about improving healthcare in India. The approach to this is two pronged: First, work on novel medical devices that tackle disease affecting tens of thousands of Indians and, second, improve access to healthcare information and unmet clinical needs that can benefit researchers and innovators alike as we build toward a more efficient, harmonised MedTech ecosystem.